Nutrition facts & allergen labelling for local businesses

Marka is an easy, cost effective and reliable way to print allergen & nutrition labels for your food to go business.

Allergy labels for independent catering businesses
Who is it for?

Perfect for cafes & sandwich shops, sushi bars & moreā€¦

Whatever kind of food business you operate, it's important that your customers can clearly see the allergen information and nutrition content of the food you sell. Your full menu can be uploaded to Marka, so your staff can print a professional allergen & nutrition label for any of your products in seconds.

What is it?

How does Marka work?

Marka food label printer
Food label printing app

First, set up your products and build out your label menu in our simple to use web interface. You can key them in individually or upload them from a spreadsheet. Once you've done that, connect the Marka tablet app and you can start printing straight away! Any changes to products will synchronize to the tablet straight away, making life easy for you and your staff.

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What does it cost?

Marka is affordable, cost effective and incredibly scalable for any size of enterprise.

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Legal compliance

Marka has been designed with Natasha's Law in mind from the start, so both you and your customers will have peace of mind.

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