Marka’s Powerful New Feature

9 March 2022

What’s new in this release?

We’ve introduced the Change History feature in Marka allowing customers to easily view a report of changes made on their interface, by who and when. This audit trail feature records and reports changes made to Allergens, Ingredients, Food Menus and more. This helps to support our customers audit and compliance process and assist with staff awareness and training.


Audits Made Easy

With quick access to change data, you can now complete rigorous audits with ease, allowing you to address every aspect of food safety – Giving you peace of mind that you’re protecting your brand by delivering the safest food possible.

Increased Accountability

Every event log is tracked to the individual user, which will help you to identify gaps in knowledge and training. Changes are colour-coded, with the previous information in yellow and the updated information in green. Within this view, you can see the entire value of the item before it was changed and then once it has been updated. This can also serve as evidence if and when the business is inspected.

Fully Comply With Food Safety Regulations

With ultimate transparency, the Change History report gives full visibility of every single menu or allergen update. Fully comply with food safety requirements and regulations. By using the powerful export functions, you get total confidence that your business is always compliant.

If Marka’s unique PPDS labelling solution sounds like it could save you from a stressful food to go counter, then please reach out to us here.