What are the benefits to using the Marka allergen labelling solution

13 May 2021

Why allergen labelling is so important?

One in four people unlucky enough to have a food allergy, even a mild one, will at some point experience a severe reaction: anaphylaxis, a state of shock defined as a reaction involving two of the body’s organs, is characterised by symptoms like wheezing, dizziness and vomiting. The pulse can slow, blood pressure can drop, and the airways can close. In an alarming number of people in the last few years, it has been fatal.

With around two million people in the UK diagnosed with a food allergy and another 600,000 with coeliac disease, the number of people affected is significant. It is even greater when you consider how many are undiagnosed, have a food intolerance, or are the families, carers or friends of the people living with these conditions.

The benefits of accurate allergen labelling

Natasha’s Law will help to ensure confidence among consumers in general about the pre-packaged food they buy. Any Pre-Packed for Direct Sale food is legally required to have a food label stating all ingredients found in the product.

Recent studies show the impact that allergens have on consumer behaviours, 30 percent of consumers surveyed said a lack of information on allergens such as nuts, gluten or seafood makes them avoid eating at certain outlets.

Similarly, 45 percent confessed that a lack of confidence that staff working for food service organisations have been properly trained about allergens, dietary requirements and hygiene stops them from eating at certain venues.

Customers are more likely to spend their money at places where they can find the information they want – businesses should use this opportunity to boost trade and regain consumers’ trust.

How can Marka help?

Marka is a cost effective and simple way to print your allergen and nutrition labels. The great quality hardware is affordable and can be bought outright or paid on finance and the software operates on a clear monthly subscription model, giving you access to the app and our first-class support.

The simple to use app makes printing easy for your store colleagues. Rapidly find products with the powerful search function, print labels individually or in bulk, and access PDFs with food production instructions.

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