Food labelling for independent coffee shops: do you need it?

25 May 2021

Natasha’s Law – The difference between PPDS and made to order food.

It’s important for independent cafes and coffeeshops to understand the difference between PPDS and food that is made to order when considering the steps needed to comply with new food labelling compliance.

Prepacked for direct sale or PPDS is food which is packaged at the same place it is offered or sold to consumers and is in this packaging before it is ordered or selected. It can include food that consumers select themselves (e.g. from a display unit), as well as products kept behind a counter.

Natasha’s Law doesn’t apply to coffeeshop food that is made to order, takeaways or deliveries, however, businesses must continue to provide allergen information to customers for dishes ordered as a takeaway, delivery, or to eat-in as they have done for the last seven years.

How do the Food Labelling Changes Affect You?

If you make food that is pre-packed for direct sale, you need to list all the ingredients – paying particular attention to 14 specified allergens.

Any Pre-Packed for Direct Sale food is legally required to have a food label, and as of October, will need to include all ingredients as well as any allergen information in the product

Allergens in the food as either an ingredient or a processing aid needs to be listed and highlighted on the label.

From the food information regulations: “the mandatory information must be easily accessible, in a conspicuous place, easily visible and clearly legible. Information must be indelible (where appropriate for example on food labels where it needs to withstand handling). The information must not be hidden, obscured, detracted from or interrupted by other written or pictorial matter or any other intervening material.”

How can Marka help?

Marka allows businesses to reduce costs by offering a simple way to print your allergen and nutrition labels. The great quality hardware is affordable and can be bought outright or paid on finance and the software operates on a clear monthly subscription model, giving you access to the app and our first-class support.

With an easy to use app for store colleagues and a powerful administration tool to manage your ingredients and product data, Marka is the perfect way to produce and print professional allergen and nutrition labels on pre-packed for direct sale foods.

Gain a competitive advantage and increase the trust that your customer’s place in your business. Managing your food labelling requirements with Marka will help to reassure people living with food allergies when they visit your premises.

Get insight into the everyday running of your café with powerful reporting features, making it easy to manage all aspects of your business.  Having a clearer view of activity in your stores can also help reduce food waste that is entirely avoidable. Each year, food waste costs restaurants £682 million and overall, restaurants produce 915,400 tonnes of waste — which includes 199,100 tonnes of food waste.

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