How can Marka help with food waste?

19 May 2021

What the current issues are in the UK concerning food waste

Food is one of the most preventable waste products sent to landfill. Although the largest amounts come from agricultural and household means, restaurants alone contribute 199,100 tonnes of food waste, costing businesses £682 million each year.

Why it is important for businesses to consider it from an economical and environmental perspective.

Food firms essentially lose 97p from each meal they serve – this is because of food waste that is entirely preventable. Each year, food waste costs restaurants £682 million and overall, restaurants produce 915,400 tonnes of waste — which includes 199,100 tonnes of food waste.

A 97p loss on every meal served can considerably affect your total profits. In an average pub restaurant, the typical spend on a three-course pub meal is £14.48. Six percent of this amount is immediately stripped from this total to account for avoidable food waste and that’s before regular business overheads like wages, utilities and maintenance are removed.

A study by WRAP  found that for every £1 a restaurant invested in reducing their food waste, they saved an average of £7 in operating costs over a three-year period, granting a 600% ROI. Through this, the average restaurant also cut food waste down by 26% in just one year, and by nearly 90% in two years.

Label all food types and ingredients

It is essential to label all food types and ingredients correctly. This will ensure that all staff members are using the same system and have the most important information to hand instantly. Your food should be labelled with important information such as the allergens to be aware of, but also the food’s use-by date – this allows chefs and porters to identify gone-off food quickly and easily.

Make it standard practice for someone in your team to conduct an audit of your food storage shelves and refrigerators every week. If some foods and ingredients are approaching their use-by date, these could be labelled with a sticker to bring their attention to your cooking staff.

How can Marka can help?

With an easy-to-use app for store colleagues and a powerful administration tool to manage your ingredients and product data, Marka is the perfect way to produce and print professional allergen and nutrition labels on pre-packed for direct sale foods.

Additionally, within the administration panel, businesses can easily add food preparation instructions such as defrost times and disposal times to easily track and effectively manage their products help prevent food going to waste.

With the introduction of Natasha’s Law also coinciding with the launch of our product, see how the Marka solution will help your business in every way.