How can Marka food labelling stickers help health and safety teams?

23 April 2021

Natasha’s Law – What are the challenges?

Natasha’s Law is a welcome addition to current food labelling regulations that not only will prevent severe reactions and even deaths but also protect and reassure ]allergy sufferers across the UK allowing them to make safe choices.

The health and safety of customers suffering from a food allergy remains a constant worry for food retailers, we know we can help by introducing initiatives and solutions that make it much easier for operators to look after food allergen sufferers

In the coming months, food retailers of all sizes will need to develop a system of labelling that allows them to list full ingredients on their food stickers in a way that is both legally compliant and simple to carry out. 

Dont leave it too late…

Staff in food businesses of all sizes selling PPDS foods will need to be suitably trained on the new system, they will also need to have the knowledge and understanding to ensure allergenic ingredients are correctly recorded and that allergens are not accidentally introduced during food preparation. 

The recording of allergenic ingredients in PPDS foods, as with all foods, will need to be systematic and well organised. Allergen Management is a huge responsibility and any food businesses failing to comply with Natasha’s Law could be prosecuted.

How can Marka Help?

Marka is an easy, cost effective and efficient way to print allergen & nutrition labels for your food to go business.

With an easy to use app for store colleagues and a powerful administration tool to manage your ingredients and product data, Marka is the perfect way to produce and print your allergen and nutrition labels on pre-packed for direct sale foods. Fully comply with Natasha’s Law and keep your customers safe.

Marka is a cost effective and simple way to print your allergen and nutrition labels. The great quality hardware is affordable and can be bought outright or paid on finance and the software operates on a clear monthly subscription model, giving you access to the app and our first-class support.